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Spring Break = EUROPE!

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Apr. 5th, 2008 | 11:12 am
location: my desk, my house
mood: curiouscurious
music: Angels--Robbie Williams

Dear Journal Viewers,

Its been a long time. What like 10 weeks or so? I don't know, this year has been such a year of change and growth for me. As many of you know I will be spending my Senior year (in high school) abroad in South Africa. So I've been very much preparing my life,family and FRIENDS for that departure. I can't believe it, that's only 3 months away or little more than that. I'm slated to leave either at the end of July or early August and I won't return home to the U.S. untill July of 2009. But I do know that I really need this whole going away thing, I've started to get very bored with myself, and I just need to strech my wings and reinvent.

Anyway. I went to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels,and Bruges this break. And is was AMAZING!! I ate waaaay to much food, but the food is great! And I'm so moving to Paris, its like my favorite place on earth. It seems to me that Europeans live so much fuller lives than many here in my part of the U.S. I just felt so free when I was there. Is is just me or are the men in Europe, just so hot?? gahh I loved the French men lol I'm so marrying one of them or a Brit! 
Anyway I had a blast and I want to go back! 

 I'll post some pictures soon, I don't want to clog anyone's friends page. 

Another entry soon with pics! I promise. 

--Lil Jane aka Roxana 

p.s. was anyone else distressed upon hearing about the death of Anthony Minghella?? Since my favorite film is The English Patient I was really sad. He was such a genius. R.I.P

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from: roxierocks5
date: Apr. 6th, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)

YeahI loved Europe, the people were so nice and it was just an amazing experience.
So sorry, I'm bad with maps, Where is Geneva??
Well have fun and go to France, and anywhere in Europe,its so cool!

truth be told, I'm so scared to go ALL on my OWN next year. At the same time I know it's something I have to do. I know I need to strecth my wings because I've been ready for a long time.
I hope to be in the UK in 2009 for my auditions and then if I get into school in London, living there in 2010. So come meet/visit me if you are anywhere close!
p.s. I love Chase, just thinking about her..

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